Monday, June 20, 2011

Introducing our New Sports Program

Here are some basic principles of our new and improved athletic program at STA:



Developmental frameworks are in place for each sport at each grade level. These
frameworks provide goals and expectations for coaches, players and parents. A
formal coach application and selection process is in place to ensure our volunteer
coaches have the appropriate skill set for the specific level of play. If professional
caliber volunteers are not available for the junior high teams, paid coaches will
be retained. The coach selection process begins with applications in the spring
and aims to have all coaches in place by the beginning of the school year.


A Team Mustang Message Board is located outside the Athletics office. All S.T.A.A.
information will be posted and updated regularly. A weekly Team Mustang memo
will be added to every Wednesday Packet with results from the preceding week
and information for the upcoming week. A comprehensive Team Mustang website
is under construction and will have the capability of being updated in real time.


Tryouts will be conducted for every team in every sport. A panel of judges will use
uniform evaluation sheets to score the athletes. The AD, commissioners and coaches
make up a selection committee that will assign the teams as follows:

• 5th Grade: Talent will be spread equally among the squads.

• 6th Grade: Players will be divided into squads based on ability.

• Junior High: Players will be divided into squads based on ability

from 7th and 8th grades combined.

These are the guidelines for team selection, however, teams will be combined
or divided based on the given talent pool and at the discretion of the AD and
selection committee.


Given the time demands on all STA students, Team Mustang has adopted a
quality over quantity approach. Players can expect a commitment of three to
four days a week.


Specific expectations have been outlined for each coach, player and parent in the
form of commitment letters. The required signing of these letters by all parties
ensures a clear understanding of responsibilities and expectations.


The majority of player attire and accessories will be provided by S.T.A. Team
issued gear helps ensure players have matching attire, eliminates parents’ need
to track down specific items, and gives close to an "all-in" cost up front. Unless
otherwise stated, team issued gear becomes the property and responsibility of
the player. Participation fees have been adjusted to cover the newly included
gear and will be billed to Smart Tuition accounts upon signing of commitment
letters. (Financial assistance will continue to be available for those in need.)


Team Mustang aims to be financially self-sufficient and has a plan to get the
job done that includes "Mustang Merchandise" and a "Mustang Munchies Stand".

Please consider making a contribution to our program. DONATION forms can
be found on top right side of our website.